Dimensional Grids of Earth
The chat 
that will change 
your life.

We are living on a frequency of interdimensional  travel,
leaping from  Dimensional Grid to Dimensional Grid.

How do we Ascend to the higher Dimensional Grids.
What happens if we fail to Ascend?

What is really going on with our world and why the changes.

How can we best support a  positive outcome of the transition into a higher beingness.

This event is what we all have been waiting for
- never before and never again may we have this chance
to leap into eternity.

We have but a brief moment in time
to go through the eye of the needle.

Are You ready to go where no one has gone before?

This is Your chance to reach the impossible dream,
to touch the light beyond the stars.

The time is NOW!

Place for next Chat:
Conroe, Texas
Date & Time:
Call and arrange.

  You can request Gary Arnold to speak at a group meeting.
Call: 936-271-2373
email: aro@consolidated.net 


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