Robert Three Eagles

Although raised in a difficult family of unusual beliefs, Robert Three Eagles survived to become an adult at 12 years of age.  From then on he chose his own work, education and interests.  Not content to just read about life, he followed many of his interests to their roots.  He enjoys humor and telling stories of his research and experiences to friends and acquaintances.  Now a family man, his interests have spread to world trends and civil rights issues

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"Not everyone is going to survive 
the changes . . . are you ready?"

"I have not gazed into the eyes of Agamemnon, but I may have gazed into the eyes of the formidable Watchers or Grigori spoken of in the book of Enoch or perhaps the hybrid sons and daughters of God-the giants-spoken of in the  Hebrew/Christian Bible.  Why are the Grigory on Native American soil?  What were Native American relationships with these giants?  How have these tall people affected mankind's destiny on Earth?  Why have every race recorded the presence of giants?"
Robert Three Eagles

"Not everyone is going to survive the changes . . .  are you ready?
In simple contemporary words, Chief Three Eagles is reminding us of the words of the great sages of all times.
So far it seems that not many listened . . . are You willing to listen?"
Juan Pueblo (Yolocuauhtli)
Aztec Medicine Man

"Robert Shrewsbury's work is very original.  He combines his personal story as an Indian/white youth growing up in a dysfunctional home held together by the determination and love of a sacrificing mother.  The spiritual experiences are of great significance and vil both enlighten and puzzle the reader.  However, as Robert matures in age and wisdom the personal relations begin to shape his path.  Humor and sadness accompany this work and fuller appreciation for the trails of growing up as a mixed blood Native American in today's complex society will become self evident."

Wayne May, Publisher, Ancient American

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